Empowering Patients

At Berkana, patient education is at the core of what we do. Why? Because we believe education is power. Our goal is to give patients the tools to not only be successful during therapy, but also after their therapy is over.

Too often after an injury or disability, people are told they will never be able to do many of the activities they love again. At Berkana, we believe with the right attitude, training, and/or adaptive equipment anything is possible. Let us work with you to show you what you are capable of!


Insurance & Referrals

Berkana accepts Medicare and most major commercial insurances. We offer a cash rate for individuals with high deductibles or without insurance.

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Choosing a Provider

Choosing the right provider is essential to achieving the best outcome.

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When I came to Berkana, I was 9 weeks into my recovery from an ankle fracture with dislocation. I could not walk without a walking boot and crutches, I couldn’t drive. My foot was essentially stuck at 90 degrees after being in a cast for 6 weeks prior to the walking boot. From the start, Dr. Quick took interest in me as an individual and athlete who loves to hike, run and climb – not just an ankle fracture that needed to be rehabbed. Her vision for me was not limited to the essentials of walking and driving (although these things were gifts), but looked way beyond to the things that we do in life and that give us joy and make us who we are. I will not lie, my rehab was difficult and painful at times. It required a high level of motivation on my part, but throughout the process I heard the unwavering positivity in Nancy’s voice. Dr. Quick knew way ahead of me what I was capable o and it was her obvious belief that I could do these things that made me attempt them. I am 13 weeks into my recovery now and am currently able to walk without a walking boot or crutches, drive, and have actually begun climbing again. Every individual has a unique story that brings them to physical therapy. Whether it is an injury or illness that has interrupted normal function – it is a personal thing that affects each person differently. I felt at Berkana , the therapy was tailored to my unique story.
— Lisa B.