PT's need treatment too!

Having had a history of overuse injuries creep up close to Ironman, I tried to be diligent with my strengthening program this year. Well, sometimes my program gets less attention than it should and this past week my body started to take notice. 

As my last month's build continues to get past 100 mile bike rides and 16 mile runs, I can tell my hips and low back are a little weak. I began having left low back pain on the bike after about 2 hours. I felt like my sacroiliac joint was "off" meaning there might be an asymmetry between those joints in my pelvis causing a muscular imbalance in my back. 

Luckily, Dr. Quick sprang into action and evaluated my SI for me. With palpation of bony landmarks and ROM testing we were able to diagnose a right posterior innominate rotation (meaning my right pelvis was tilting backwards, causing pain in my left lower back). Utilizing muscle energy techniques to pull that hip bone forward, Dr. Quick was able to assess the difference of my forward bending movement to make sure my pelvis was in alignment again. (Dr. Q to the rescue!)

What do I do from here???

I'm back on my hip and core stabilization routine! These include bridges, single leg bridge holds, sidelying hip abduction, planks, and side planks. This weekend I was able to ride 100 miles without low back pain and will consistently knock out my strength routine at home.